After user_save() function call, password change, here is the solution

If you use user_save() function to save or update user account as follows

user_save($existing, $edit);

and, If it's change user's password than use the following code before the user_save() function


How to add site verification code into your Drupal site for different search engine Google, Bing, Pinterest and Yandex?
Please follow the following steps to add site verification code into your Drupal site for different search engine Google, Bing, Pinterest and Yandex:
        1. Install and enable "Metatag: Verification" module
        2. Goto metatag setting admin/config/search/metatags
        3. Click on "Override" for "Global: Front page"
        4. Click on "edit" link of "Global: Front page"
        5. Expand "SITE VERIFICATION"
        6. Enter your site verification codes into different fields as per your requirement for Google, Bing, Pinterest and Yandex
    [Note : Before doing these steps into your Drupal site, you need to collect all site verfication codes from these search engine sites like Google, Bing, Pinterest and Yandex]
Solution for Undefined property: stdClass::$cz_verion in cloud_zoom_library in "cloud zoom" module drupal

Just update line number 38 with following code in cloud_zoom.module :

'version' => $library->cz_version,

instead of 'version' => $library->cz_verion,


The error will resolved.


How to show multiple images/items using "Views slideshow" module in Drupal ?
Please follow the steps and you can show more then one item from views using "views_slideshow" module :
        2. Create a views and use format as "slideshow"
        3. In "Slideshow" settings select "View Action Advanced Options" and enter value for "Items per slide"
No main frame module is enabled for views slideshow

After configuring and use of "Views Slideshow" module, if it's shows the error message "no main frame module is enabled for views slideshow" then just enable "Views Slideshow: Cycle" module from module list and add "jquery.cycle.all.js" file to "libraries" folder as "libraries/jquery.cycle/jquery.cycle.all.js"

How to display PDF file without Download or Print in Browser using Drupal ?

You can use "pdf" module ( to display pdf file without Download or Print in Browser. This module is depended on "pdf.js" library ( Another similar good module is "File viewer" (

A few Drupal Contributed Modules

    Till date there are total 14,701 contributed Drupal modules are available. Following are a few important Drupal contributed modules, which you can use for a basic web application development using Drupal 7 :
        2. Token (
        3. Administration menu (
        4. Backup and Migrate (
        5. Rules (
        6. Mime Mail (
        7. Chaos tool suite (ctools) (
    Others, all modules you can use as per your requirements. You can find others all contributed modules here


A few things about Drupal

      Drupal is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. It is used for more then 520,744  websites worldwide ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government sites including and You can check here that who are using Drupal for their websites. It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration.
        Drupal has vibrant and vivid community like no other CMS system. This is a point that makes Drupal very concurrent on the Content Management System's market.

        Drupal also has some unique features that make it very different and much more powerful then the most of other comparing software products (like open source solutions Plone, PostNuke, or PHPNuke, or commercial products like Microsoft SharePoint).
        It is a excellent content management systems allow non-technical users add and edit the content without needing to know any HTML or Web design knowledge.
        Over 70 well-known brand names and not-for-profit organizations are now using Drupal, like Mc Donalds, Yahoo, Duke,, Linux Foundation, Nokia, Google:     M-Lab, Sun Microsystems, BBC Magazines, South African Government, The White House, British Government, Michael Jackson, MIT, Metallica etc. Drupal is the most scalable, configurable system, and major improvements in usability will soon shorten the learning curve for new users and developers.